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Guidestone Consulting employs a highly experienced group of management consultants whose expertise allows them to work especially well with enterprises that want to make a positive contribution to the planet and to society.

Our principals are all former senior-level executives in the corporate, entrepreneurial and not-for-profit sectors. We also have the capacity to draw on an extensive pool of associates who can offer focused expertise in a wide variety of management and technical disciplines.

We thrive on challenges and the challenge that intrigues us most is, we believe, one of the world's greatest: How do we build new organizational models to help groups

  • Work together
  • Make decisions together
  • Operate from their deepest values while thriving in the marketplace?

That is our intellectual and heart-felt focus and our practical expertise.

We do this work because we believe we have a small part to play in helping to create a better future. Our objective is always to bring to our work the qualities we believe create the best organizations: authenticity, integrity and lifelong learning.


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