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Jeff Grossberg's Activities


Helping organizations bring
their vision fully to life

Strategic Envisioning

Business Planning

Organizational Development

Fundraising and
Philanthropic Design

Strategic Partnerships

Executive Coaching




Jeff Grossberg has supported the success of more than 100 enterprises through strategic, financial and organizational development. He works with a diverse group of projects, bringing a bottom-line focus to accomplishing social good.

Jeff is able to help groups develop the capacity to flourish within the realities of the marketplace while contributing to the develoment of a more sustainable society and of healthier, effective organizational practices.

By rigorously assessing the current environment, business models and competitive distinctions, Jeff encourages the synthesis of a strategic orientation with each organization's mission. What emerges is innovative styles and structures grounded in solid social and business intelligence. He works with our clients to address accelerating change by fostering strategic alliances as a core practice and a commitment to values as a primary principle.

Jeff partners closely with key participants, helping clarify visions and missions, and building aligned leadership and highly functioning teams that foster individual initiative in a collaborative environment. We bring to each venture a focus on authentic leadership that includes personal as well as organizational development.

Jeff uses real issues as our clients' learning territory. He facilitates the development of business plans, programs, and processes that enable people to execute an organization's strategies and deliver on its promises to all stake-holders, and to establish sustainable funding reflective of fundamental purpose and values.

Guidestone's clients companies and other businesses, not-for-profit organizations, foundations and collaborations - work in many arenas, including environmental and social sustainability, natural products, socially responsible investments, educational reform, philanthropy, community development, integral health, new media, and international peace development. These projects range from innovative ideas and start-up ventures to some of the leading organizations in the world.


Guidestone Consulting’s Founder and President has spent decades facilitating the natural synergy between clarity of purpose and excellence in execution.

He has been deeply involved in innovative social entrepreneurship as a means of working with the world as it is to create a world as we want it to be.

Mr. Grossberg has directed several inter-nationally renowned organizations.  He has led – through process facilitation and his own  experience and insight – strategic, financial   and organizational development initiatives for scores of enterprises.

He was the Executive Director of the Omega Institute, the Waldorf Alliance Foundation, the Achievable Foundation and the Children’s Resource Group, as well as the Director of Development for the Girl Scouts of America. He founded and was President ofThe Bridge Philanthropic Advisors, and for 15 years, of Guidestone Consulting. His fundraising efforts have generated more than $75 million. Along the way, Jeff lived in an ecovillage and in a spiritual community for many years.

Harnessing the power of collaboration, his work often involves actively facilitating strategic alliances. As well, he coaches executives, individuals and teams, both as independent projects and as part of broader organizational change process.

Jeff has held leadership positions on numerous boards of directors.

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Partial Client List

  • Institute of Noetic Sciences: Strategic development for the renowned organization that encourages and conducts research on human potential, integral health and healing, and emerging worldviews

  • Organic Center: Strategic development for the industry-led group that distributes information about the benefits of organic food 
  • Earth Council Alliance: Financial development for a worldwide organization working to implement the Earth Charter and UN directed initiatives to develop a sustainable future
  • Alternative Education Resource Organization: Strategic and financial development for a renowned non-profit that provides support for and promotes numerous educational systems from Kindergarten through high school
  • Sustainable Business Alliance of Oakland-Berkeley: Strategic and financial development for the first community-centered business alliance focused on supporting local companies to adopt sustainability practices
  • Greenmont Capital Partners: Strategic development for a socially oriented venture capital fund in the natural products industry
  • Global Response: Strategic and financial development for a major not-for-profit, which promotes grass-roots sustainability efforts worldwide
  • Mind & Life Institute: Financial development for an international collaboration, which creates dialogues and research collaborations between modern science and contemplative traditions
  • Earth Guardians: Strategic planning and leadership development for a national youth-led organization promoting environmental stewardship through media, politics and the arts
  • Inspired Legacies: Strategic and business planning for an organization working to generate $100 million for progressive causes
  • Global Futures Fund: Strategic and organizational development for a mission-related venture capital fund for solar energy disk focusing technology
  • Global Leadership Network: Strategic, organizational and financial development for an international collaboration developing leadership models for government, NGOs and businesses
  • Bay & Paul Foundation and Reimagine Education: Strategic coordination of national-scale educational reform efforts
  • Rudolf Steiner Foundation, the Fetzer Institute, and the Tides Foundation:  Strategic development and business planning for a joint venture program, Transforming How the World Works with Money
  • PassageWorks Institute: Strategic and financial development for a leading developer and promoter of social and emotional learning
  • Guidestone Farm: Strategic and financial development for the oldest land trust and the largest CSA (community supported agriculture) project in Colorado
  • Institute for Middle East Peace and Development: Strategic and financial development for a major bi-partisan effort to promote peace in the Middle East by helping local Civil Society Organizations as a moderate alternative to counter radical perspectives
  • Self Design Learning: Strategic and financial development for a network of families and learning consultants focused on children learning personal fulfillment and excellence

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