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   One is hard pressed to think of any organization that has sustained some measure of greatness in the absence of goals, values, and missions that become deeply shared throughout the organization.

— Peter Senge, author,
The Fifth Discipline


An organization's culture often can best be described as "the way we do things around here" or "how we are with each other." It is often unconscious, communicated in the stories we tell each other around the water cooler, over coffee or via e-mail. It's reflected in how meetings are conducted, the way decisions are made and how people are evaluated and compensated.

As is true with strategy and leadership, to be successful, an organization's culture must be aligned with its values. If it's not, it becomes an obstacle to success.

Guidestone Consulting excels at helping organizations learn to walk their talk. We do so by identifying where their unconscious culture meets the conscious way they operate and the conflicts that can arise at that intersection.

In other words, we help organizations uncover their core beliefs and assumptions and become clear about what their values actually are. With that knowledge we help organizations design, refine and implement a culture that's in concert with their values and supports their goals.

How we do it:

We do so through our expertise in


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