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Imbue your money with soul
– your soul – and let it stand for who you are, your love, your heart, your work and your humanity.

— Lynne Twist, author, The Soul of Money


Strategic Approach
We encourage a strategic approach to fundraising – focusing on creating a fundraising program that not only fits with, but enhances the values, culture and goals of the organization.

Focusing on Relationships
We believe that fundraising is a people-to-people process. To be successful it must be built on a foundation of long-term relationships that are focused on a common vision. Development is essentially a community building process, and thereby naturally in alignment with the values of the emerging marketplace. This holds true whether the source of funding is individuals, foundations, businesses or government. Experience has taught us that creating organizational cultures that welcome shared participation and strategies that practically support community building provide the foundation for success in fundraising.

The Role of Leadership
An organization's leaders are its vision keepers and vision sharers. It is their role to discover and cultivate peers who share their vision and to involve them in the organization. We help clients recruit and train leaders who can develop the relationships needed to build both community awareness and financial stability for their organizations.

How we do it:

We've found that action learning – for example, mastering fundraising theory by being led through an actual campaign – rather than passive classroom-based exercises, helps clients develop the skills and practical understanding they need to manage and adapt their fundraising program for ongoing success.

By offering our nonprofit clients a no-nonsense, bottom-line consulting approach, combined with a commitment to work from our deepest values, we have helped organizations raise more than $100 million.



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