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How We Work

How We Work

Why Guidestone

Who We Are


   In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.

— Margaret Wheatley, author, Leadership and The New Science

We Help Organizations Design Their Future
No enterprise is exempt from unexpected influences in their environment. Still, perhaps more than ever, each organization can choose how it responds to those influences, how it envisions its future and how it organizes and manages itself.

There is an expanding body of evidence showing that those organizations which operate in alignment with the values of their owners, employees and customers create a synergy of resources that can help them flourish in the midst of challenge and change.

The groundbreaking work of Paul Ray in defining the growing demographic segment he calls Cultural Creatives has identified more than 50 million Americans who make buying and lifestyle choices based on a commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability. They see authenticity as a core value and a foundation for the future of society.

Guidestone works with each client to help them determine to what extent and how to incorporate these trends into their own organization.

We "Follow The Pain"
Every organizational issue sooner or later manifests itself as a real challenge - perhaps in the form of slumping growth, poor morale, customer service problems or lack of funding. We identify and help create solutions for real challenges and needs within organizations. Because of our extensive experience and breadth of resources, we're able to offer targeted support where it's needed most – "where the pain is."

Each challenge an organization faces represents an opportunity to heal and strengthen. Like pain in the human body, some organizational pain can be alleviated through focused, expert assistance. But sometimes pain is symptomatic of a deeper, systemic problem - just as a cough can result from a cold or from major lung disease. Similarly, an aching back can call for a visit to the chiropractor or it may indicate the need for important lifestyle shifts to reduce stress, increase exercise, and improve diet. Likewise, a high turnover rate in an organization may be a normal result of growth or it may point to underlying management difficulties. When appropriate, Guidestone can follow that pain to its fundamental causes within the organization to help the entire system heal.

We Create Customized Solutions
We conduct whole-systems assessments to understand both the specific issues and their wider context within the organization. We then develop strategies for effective change in close collaboration with our clients.

We are well aware that one size never fits all. As a result, we make sure our services are tailored and customized to our clients needs. We have a wide array of experiences, perspectives and resources within our company and in our associates network. As a result, we can coordinate the expertise needed to ensure our clients' success.

We Are Results-Oriented
Our objective is to help our clients build skills and learning cultures that provide value far beyond solutions to immediate problems. We do so with practical tools, which are easy to apply on a daily basis. We set clear goals for our involvement with measurable outcomes.

We Work From Our Values
We like to think that the way Guidestone works becomes part of an organization's ongoing development process. In other words, we work from our values while helping companies learn to work from theirs -ultimately achieving "doing good by doing well."

We do what we do because we believe we have a role to play in helping to create a better future. We do our best to model in our work the qualities of authenticity, integrity and ongoing learning that we encourage others to employ.


Emerging Consumer Values
Cultural Creatives march to the beat of a different drum. A three-year study conducted by the advertising and marketing firm Foote, Cone & Belding identified five major emerging Cultural Creative consumer trends:

  • Essence – a desire to return to basics.
  • Hearth – the importance of home and family.
  • Earth – growing consumer concern about environmental issues.
  • Whole Being – health defined as a balance of body/mind/soul.
  • Ethic – a desire to support socially responsible companies.


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