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Strategic Planning
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Guidestone believes strategic planning is both an art and a science. It's more than simply a numbers game. It must include as variables the organization's culture, values and leadership. We carefully tailor the planning process to our clients' needs. As a result, we tend to facilitate the strategic planning process rather than direct it.

How we do it:

We help our clients to

  • Clarify vision, mission and values … Where is the organization going?
  • Clarify their current situation … Where are the organization and the marketplace now?
  • Identify the most effective avenues to close the gap between the two.

We assist our clients conduct a thorough analysis and planning process to identify new goals and strategies for long-term success. Our services include

Comprehensive Strategic Planning
We help assess current marketing, operational and financial strategies, corporate structure and positioning, industry and competitor analysis, the identification of new market opportunities, and the selection of appropriate strategic options for target markets, strategic alliances and financing sources.

Strategic Planning Facilitation
We facilitate planning sessions, providing a participatory structure for both internal review and industry analysis, and the development of new strategic directions.

Implementation Services and Periodic Planning Evaluations
We assist organizations with transitioning and follow-through to newly adopted strategies. We provide help in partnering, financing and other critical organizational and business development tasks as well as future updating of targeted goals.

Strategic Advice
We are highly experienced and effective strategic thinkers, having participated in and managed numerous and diverse organizational planning situations. We bring not only the ability to facilitate strategic planning within an organization, but when relevant, we can add our own skillful perspective. In addition, we have the capability to call in additional CEO-level expertise to participate in strategic planning discussions if the situation warrants it.




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