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Jeff Grossberg, Founding Partner of Guidestone Consulting, works to facilitate the emergence of new models of organizational dynamics, systems and collaboration, with groups that see themselves as a part of an emerging, synergistic transformation leading toward a healthier future for all people and our planet.

Jeff has consulted with more than 100 clients in the realms of: sustainability; socially responsible capital and business; philanthropy; community development; educational reform; spirituality, integral health and international peace development, in both for-profit and nonprofit arenas.

He supports his clients in exploring and bringing clarity to their mission, operating in the modes of strategy, market realities and social trends along with personal passions and visions. Jeff helps guide the inevitable increased focus of purpose and commitment in sound strategic directions. He assists in creating business plans, collaborative teams, organizational cultures, aligned funding, and leadership that enhance the success of each venture.

His participation supports the emergence of wisdom from among the involved participants in combination with his own extensive management and leadership experience. An environment through which such solutions can unfold is intimately linked to the personal development of the individuals involved, and Jeff brings a focus on authentic leadership as a core principle to each venture.

Jeff’s work often involves actively facilitating strategic alliances, as well as designing aligned, sustainable funding models, with a particular expertise in nonprofit fundraising. Jeff also coaches executives, individuals and teams, both as independent projects and as part of broader organizational development efforts.

Over more than three decades, Jeff has honed his skills through such diverse endeavors as serving as CEO of several fifty-plus-million dollar enterprises, living in a spiritual community and in an ecovillage for a decade each, and raising more than $75 million in contributions for numerous social change enterprises. Jeff has been the Executive Director of the Omega Institute, the Waldorf Alliance, the Achievable Foundation, and Children’s Media Resources, as well as national Director of Development for the Girl Scouts. He has long been deeply involved in innovative social entrepreneurship as a means of working with the world as it is to create a world as we want it to be.


Sheldon Romer, founding partner. Sheldon has been a successful entrepreneur, business executive and consultant for more than 25 years. He co-founded Rudi's Organic Bakery, the largest organic bakery in the country. As its CEO for more than two decades, Sheldon oversaw Rudi's growth from a single retail outlet to its current distribution in virtually all the major grocery chains and natural foods outlets in America.

Sheldon is thoroughly conversant with the issues of business planning, start-up, and ongoing management and operations. He has substantial first-hand experience at maintaining the balance between running a successful business and achieving social good. In addition to emphasizing the importance of social responsibility in the making of effective leaders, he has consistently demonstrated the ability to help businesses and organization maximize their productivity, impact and profits.

With graduate-level training as a psychologist, Sheldon's passion is to combine his skill in group and individual dynamics with his business acumen to produce organizations that are effective, efficient, healthy and sustainable.




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