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Why Guidestone

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Why Guidestone

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Embracing Change
The marketplace, technology, consumer needs and desires, indeed the world are changing so dramatically and so rapidly that those equipped to change with it, to respond to new circumstances while remaining focused on their goals, will be those that thrive.

Guidestone helps businesses and organizations to not only to deal with change, but to use it as a driving force to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Authenticity: Values as a Competitive Advantage
Increasingly consumers are basing their buying, investing, and charitable giving decisions on their personal values of social and environmental responsibility. They care about how an organization operates as well as the product or service it delivers.

This phenomenon has required organizations to develop new methods to interact with the wider community and with their own employees. To have success in this emerging values-based marketplace, organizations need to operate consistently with their consumers' values - in other words, to be authentic!

Guidestone helps organizations turn this challenge into opportunity. We understand both how organizations work and how this particular market and customer base operates (its values, how it makes decisions, etc.). As a result, we are ideally suited to help organizations turn walking the fine line between acting with integrity and competing in a tough marketplace from a high-wire act into a core organizational strength.

Measuring Value
We help our clients create new meanings for what constitutes value in their organizations. Often these new meanings include the environmental and/or social impacts of their work in addition to the financial worth they create. We also help develop more accurate and useful measures of their success with these new value propositions, incorporating such tools as double and triple bottom lines and balanced scorecards.

Our Core Competencies Are Core to Organizations' Success
We are experts at helping our clients establish an overall clarity of mission that can be understood and used in decision making at all levels of an organization.

We pride ourselves in being as agile as we encourage our clients to be. The consulting models we use allow us to consistently solicit feedback and adjust to clients' needs. Helping our clients develop practical strategies that can be effectively executed is one of our core capabilities.

We help companies and nonprofits flourish in today's dynamic environment by offering customized, integrated consulting services in

  • Leadership
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Organizational Learning
  • Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Strategic Alliances


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